Students Learning to Lead

Opportunities for every child

Our founder

James Barron
Founder, CEO, and Executive Director

  1. 2015 - SL2Lead receives its 501(c)(3) status.‚Äč 
  2. 2013 -James Barron launches Students Learning to Lead.


Foundation History

I have always enjoyed volunteering in the community that has given me so much.  It is my hope that our work will inspire others to be the catalyst in their community to promote STEM careers to underrepresented groups."

our Board of directors

mission & vision

Partnering with schools, community based organizations, and companies to bring STEM enrichment opportunities to underserved children that will allow them to build their social & emotional skills. 

Your community

Our 2015 goal is to offer STEAM program to 96 elementary and middle school children.

recent programs

Our STEAM outreach program in New York City is now looking for new partners. We currently offer Lego Robotics, Programming with Scratch, and Pre-Engineering with Lego .   

Jansen Barron
Our Secretary spends time working with elementary children.

Christien Abrams
Our Treasurer who spends her free time reading, volunteering, and traveling with her family.

James Barron
James Barron is the founder, and Chairman of the Board of Students Learning to Lead. Inc. (SL2Learn).  The mission of SL2Learn is to provide children with opportunities to explore and pursue STEM careers; To develop and leverage minority STEM talent to play a leadership role; To engage families, educators, and community based organization to support underserved students in STEM careers; To inspire children to achieve excellences.

James was born in Bronx, New York and holds master degrees in Science Education from City College of New York, Educational Leadership & Technology from Adelphi University, and Information Systems from Nova Southeastern University.  James is currently pursuing his doctorate degree from Teachers College, Columbia University.  He is married for 13 years and has two children.